Even taking a bath can be interesting and joyful, add perfumes, cleanser and best soaps to your collection. Adding some taste of music could turn the environment out of the world.
After a long day at work, you find yourself exhausted and completely tired. Kids at home find it difficult to take a shower on their own. Now the question arises how you make your kids enjoy the bathtime.

You could sing for them if bad at singing setup a mini music system to play the role, Kids are innocent and even worse at times to handle. They do not have any idea how bad you are hooked with worked which makes you tired. But for kids, parents could do anything. Parents who have creative thinking manage things by themselves. Decorating the bathtub with colourful flowers and lighting could make your kids feel cheerful and even much happier than casual bathing.

The best way to turn the bathtime into fun is to make the environment pleasing to your kids. Demanding kids never run out of demands, parents often feel picking out their hair while fulfilling their demands. Love is a thing which kids demands and until kids turn into adults, parents need to face up & downs in life. The better you teach your kids about manners the more manly behaviour they built up. Whether you have a huge bathtub or fancy showers organizing things inside the bathroom is more important. Once your kids start enjoying the bathing, you are all set.

Step out to a grocery or a departmental store to get the necessary items needed for setting up the best bathroom environment. Make you bathtime even more fun by adding on the concealed lights. Different light colours change everything from a sense of feeling aroused to mindset.

What are the possible ways to make your bathtime even more fun?

Hanging beautiful scenery

Try letting your kids into the bathroom with beautiful scenery hanging around the walls. You could try dimming the lights and let them enjoy the beautiful view of the bathroom.

Taste of music:

Kids feel good in an environment full of music of their kind. The waterproof sound systems are available in the market. Install them on the countertops or on the edges of the walls. It would feel like bathing and enjoying the moment at the same time.

Adding on accessories:

Kids love to be sponged by their parents. You can sponge their body slowly making them feel relaxed. Other accessories like nail brushes should be present allowing your kids to polish their nails. Apart from great time they also learn some personal hygiene manners.

Serve desserts

You could prepare a home-made dessert or a pre-made dessert and serve it to your kids. They would feel pleasant having dessert and bathing at the same time. Desserts and cold water bathtub is the best combo which is extraordinary.


Once your kids are done bathing, surprise them with new pyjamas. Your kids will surely love the outfit and that are brand new pyjamas.

Mix colours

In the water with safe dyes. They add beauty to the water and make the bathtub look like a pond. Your kids would find themselves as if they are diving into a pond in real.

Machine producing bubbles

There is a number of cheap bubble machines available capable of producing thousands of bubbles in the water. In the bathtub, children while enjoying the other stuff could play with bubbles which are so pleasant.


You could call a plumber to install a shower just above the bathtub. This means your cherub will find him/her in a mini water park.


If your child likes to hear you singing a poem for him/her, start chanting the one. It is possible that soon after bathing, your child might fall asleep and sleep soundly.

Use your own instincts:

You could also jump in the bathtub to play with the kids. Children usually are in the habit of being in the company of their parents. If you are a fun loving parent, you will also find it interesting and different. This thing could make you feel relieved from stress and also boost your energy level simultaneously. Kids are the blessing of God and doing unusual things to make them feel happy is not a big deal. It is true that parents can’t play with the toys meant for the children. But it is not true that they can’t allow their kids to play with toys in the bathtub. Just pour down some of their favourite toys in the bathtub and else leave it on them. Once they find the toys the feeling of joy inside them Is worth watching. Buy other common products of your own choice to decorate and make the bathroom an adventure for the kids.

Bathtime could be fun by just following some tips mentioned above. You could read a book while sitting beside your kid. You could let them watch you while enjoying the bathing. Reading books could help passing time and on the same hand watching your kid. If anyhow your kid finds trouble managing the tools you installed around the bathtub, just help them with that. Kids enjoy anything while their parents are around. Being a parent you need to manage a whole lot of things. Managing them in the right way is the toughest and time taking task.

The Takeaway

Numerous objects fancy and ordinary are available to modify the bathroom. If you have a plan to get a new bathroom built, choose the bathtub wisely which would please your kids. Happiness comes when you are all together. Either a mother or a father, both of them just want a smile on their children faces. None other than kids are the reflection of gods for parents. Traditions should be followed but a little modification to anything is acceptable.

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