Stress, whether acute or chronic can be bad for your mind and body. It is one of the most common root cause that gives birth to many health issues such as anxiety, depression, heart problems, acne, insomnia and diabetes to name a few. Anything happening around us can bring a stressful situation in our lives. Traffic jams, honking cars, work pressure, family issues, all of this can lead to mild to severe stress. Therefore, it is very important to control stress before it starts controlling us.

For many of us, simply listening to some soothing music, can be relaxing while for some eating, chocolates can work wonders.  But none of these techniques is a sure shot and a permanent way to deal with stress, especially chronic stress.

How To Reduce Stress? Relaxation Techniques For Stress

To help you unwind your stress permanently, we have compiled a list of a few relaxation techniques that can effectively help in reducing your stress and making your day to day life better. These techniques if adopted daily, cannot only give you relief from stress but will also boost your energy, mood, and improve your mental and physical health. Take a look.

Deep Breathing Exercise

How to reduce stress, deep breathing

A very simple yet powerful exercise, deep breathing can provide you with the needed relaxation. This technique is easy to learn and can be practised almost anywhere and can help you in keeping checks on your stress.
Just sit or lie down and place one hand on your stomach while other hand over your heart. Inhale slowly feeling your stomach rise and hold your breath for a moment. Now, exhale slowly feeling your stomach coming back to normal. Repeat this few times a day.
When combined with other techniques and relaxing elements such as music, mindfulness and aromatherapy, this technique can quickly relieve your stress and make you calm.

Practise Mindfulness Meditation

How to reduce stress, Practice mindfulness

Focus in the present situation is very important if you want to live a stress-free life. If your thoughts are distracted, you will tend to feel stressed and disturbed. Practising mindfulness can help a long way in keeping your focus and concentration on the present situation.

Meditation is one of the best techniques to add mindful living to your daily lives. It involves focussing your attention to help you feel less stressed. You can practise meditation daily as it may help you react in a calmer way to your thoughts that cause you stress. Researches have also been performed that show the positive effects of meditation on one’s anxiety and depression. Mindfulness meditation can be done at a quiet place by focussing on a single point such as your breath, an object or a set of words.

Scan Your Body

How to reduce stress

This technique involves focussing on each part of your body one by one. It will help you in getting a sense of how stress affects your day. Simply lie on your back or sit with your feet on the floor and start mentally scanning each part of your body. You can start from your toes and work your way up. Once you are done with scanning every part of your body, relax for a while in silence and note how your body feels now.

This will help you become calmer and take your focus away from any stressful situation that has been affecting you for a while. All you have to do is to focus on your body, paying close attention to different sensations you feel in each body part.

A Warm Bath In CBD Bath Bombs

How to reduce stress, CBD for stress

Yes, you read that right. A warm bath infused in the right CBD bath bomb can be one of the simplest techniques to help you relieve your day’s stress and anxiety.

If you are not aware of this natural remedy to treat all your stress and anxiety, CBD Bath bombs are bath bombs that are infused with CBD oil and aromas of various essential oils such as lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus and more. The CBD oil infused in these bath bombs is well known for its therapeutic and medicinal properties. It is a great organic supplement to relieve day’s stress, anxiety, and other health issues like pain, depression, skin issues and more.

Buy CBD Bath BombsA warm bath in CBD Bath Bomb will soothe your mind as well as will provide a feeling of overall relaxation. It possesses stress-relieving properties and can also be used to relieve work-related stress. Thus, this technique can be an easy and highly potent way to relax.

Practise Yoga, Tai Chi

Practise Yoga, relaxation techniques for stress

Yoga is a technique that is being practised since ancient times to improve one’s mental focus as well as improve overall health and wellness. This practice combines movements or postures with the help of focussed breathing and meditation. These postures help in increasing your strength and flexibility.
Tai chi is another famous Chinese technique practised for self-defence. The basic principles of this technique involve slow, relaxed movements, concentration, careful postures and focussed breathing.

Both these techniques involve not only relax you but also improve your health. Make sure you suggest your doctor or an experienced instructor before starting with these techniques.

De-Stress Yourself Naturally

If you have been stressed out lately and are unable to get over it, we will suggest you practice the above mentioned relaxing techniques on a daily basis. These techniques will help you de-stress naturally as well as will help you in tackling difficult situations like a pro.

If you have any other technique that has helped you in relieving stress, let us know in the comment section below.

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