CBD Testimonials

Finally used the bath bomb and it is heaven. The lavender scent is not too strong and my skin feels like silk. Order without hesitation, you will love the bath bombs.

This bath bomb was great! Totally relaxing and really eased the pain and inflammation I feel in my legs and feet after being on my feet all day. I slept like a baby after my bath. I was able to get two uses out of one bomb by taking it out of the water when it was only partially dissolved. A great way to extend this special treat. Would love more lavender in the scent.
Jeannine L.

By far the best bath bomb I have ever used and I have tried plenty. The smell is amazing and so comforting. This bath bomb is so calming and soothing and makes for a very peaceful nights sleep. Also amazing for joint pain! Will continue to order more!!!!

Amazing product. Loved the feeling of peace and serenity that followed after using this in my bath

The bath bombs are great! They smell great, are totally relaxing, and have enough oil in them to leave you feeling super soft after your bath. The only downside is that when ordering different scents at one time, they don’t come labeled, and the adorable burlap bag packaging makes it hard to differentiate between scents.
Amanda B.

My bath was an extra level of relaxing and the CBD really helped my back pain throughout the day.
Kaitlin H.

I was expecting to be very sore after a long day of skiing. However, that night I took a bath with CBD bath bomb and woke up the next morning feeling great! Highly recommend and will be using this product more!

I am in love with these bath bombs! It was relaxing and I loved the fizz and bubbles while relaxing. My only choice now for bath bombs.
angelica e.

Such a fun way to experience the benefits of CBD! Not positive the effects were more than placebo but it is a great bath bomb nonetheless.

At first I thought that it was small, but it totally has all the bang! The CBD in it is perfect and makes for one relaxing bath! Totally in love with these!
Autum Hayes

I’m in recovery and needed something to help with joint pain and my anxiety. Being in a 12 step fellowship I don’t smoke weed. This was everything for me and I’ll definitely be buying more!